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If you’re aren’t satisfied with us, you can fire us!  It’s that simple.

Proven Results

I help my clients exceed their expectations.  Check out my testimonials and Zillow Profile.

New Construction & Remodels

An expert in working with builders, construction methods and extensive knowledge of what is being built right now that may work for you. “Prior to real estate, I worked as an architectural project manager. Before that, I worked for a general contractor.  I regularly visit most of the new construction neighborhoods around Denver to keep up with their inventory and pass that on to my clients.  I also track new infill construction in Denver so my buyers can be the first through the door.”

Individual Attention

FlatGrass Realty is a boutique real estate company offering the highest level of services available to assist you in your purchase. Your own personal agent will guide you through the entire process with the FlatGrass team behind you to make sure every important detail is handled with care.

“If you ever have a question, you can be confident that you can call, email or text, and I’ll make the time for you.” – Spencer Barron

Understand the Market

Part of my job is helping you understand the market so you can make an educated decision.  For some people, this is a matter of getting the right statistics and sales data.  For others it’s about driving the neighborhoods and literally standing in a home.  Whatever your process, we have the tools and experience to help you understand the market and make educated decisions.



I look forward to speaking with you personally about how we can help you reach your goals.

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